Welcome to
WSP Opus Sustain-a-city™

Where you have the power to create a functioning and thriving smart city.

From transport and energy, to commercial and residential, you can create your own customised, harmonious environment with the perfect balance of everything a smart city needs.

Within the VR platform you will be introduced to a game board with highlighted slots and to the right of the game board a tile generator where you can produce what you need to build your smart city.


The aim of the game is to create a thriving and livable smart city. You do this by balancing your Energy and Population resources to support your Commercial buildings. In order for buildings to support each other, their roads must be connected.

The in­-game tutorial will run you through the basic instructions.

Tile Characteristics


The key to a sustainable city. A certain number of these must be active depending on the size/stage of your city. They each have their own energy and population requirements. They can connect up to 3 roads.


Uses renewable energy sources to power your city. They don’t need to connect to roads, but a number of these will have to be present on the board to meet the energy requirements of other buildings.


Provides homes for your city’s populace. These require power from your Energy tiles, and once active, will provide population to keep your Commercial tiles running. They can connect up to 3 roads.


Supports the natural environment in your city, making it a greener and more pleasant place to live. When a Residential tile is connected to a Waterway via a road, its population will increase.

There are five levels in the game, each with increasing difficulty and commercial tile requirements.


The aim of the game is to create a thriving and livable smart city.

As you create your own customised smart city from a combination of transport, energy, commercial and residential tiles, you will notice people, buildings, electric cars and the health of your city start to flourish and grow on the actual tiles.

What you will also be highlighted to, is many of the tile landscapes and buildings represented real landmark projects that WSP Opus has been involved in through New Zealand nationwide.

These tiles cover a myriad of WSP Opus services including:


Case studies

The following showcases, describe in more detail the WSP Opus projects that are simulated within the Sustain-a-city game.


Rapanui Shag Rock Cycleway

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Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct

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Western Rail Trail

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Daldy Street & Halsey Street Redevelopment
(Wynyard Quarter)

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University of Waikato Law and Management Building

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Margaret Mahy Park

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Orana Wild Life Park Gorilla/Great Ape Enclosure

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